The Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund

Dr. Zadeh has had a successful career in the field of gastroentarology for over 20 years. Throughout Dr. Zadeh’s career his passion for education has only increased.

After graduating from the local Palm Springs High School in 1987 he went on to receive his Medical degree in 1995 and later returned to school again to receive his master’s degree in Public Health in 2001. After having a fulfilling education journey, Dr. Zadeh felt compelled to make an investment in other students as they begin their own journey.

The Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund was created in 2015 to provide support to local high school students in the pursuit of higher education with a degree in Science.

The scholarship is meant to not only support students but also to recognize their academic achievements in preparation for college. The Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund winners will receive a one time $1,000.00 payment toward a 4 year college program.

The Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund is awarded annually to 2 students. Since being founded in 2015, the scholarship has been given out to 9 students at Palm Springs High School. When it was first awarded in 2015 it was given to 3 recipients since the winners included twin sisters.

Student Qualifications for Application:

In order to qualify for The Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund the following criteria are required:

  1. Male or Female students who have been accepted to a 4 year college program with a declared Major in Science
  2. Students must have maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  3. Have a documented financial need
  4. Submit a word essay as to why they are deserving of the scholarship

Applications must be received by school’s due date.

Selection Process

Dr. Zadeh takes careful consideration and reviews all applications that he receives. Upon completion of application review and recipient selection, Palm Springs High School holds a recipient meeting in preparation of the distribution of the scholarship to the selected students.

The Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund is awarded to the winners and funds distributed during the annual Palm Springs High School Honors assembly.

Additional Contributions Welcome

Dr Zadeh would love to expand the reach of the Dr. Zadeh Scholarship Fund.

If you would like to contribute to the fund to further support the pursuit of higher education in the field of science for additional students and other local high schools please contact Dr. Zadeh’s office directly.